How to improve your game room with lighting?

How to improve your game room with lighting?

Having a game room means so much to the entire family because a proper game room has at least one thing for every family member. A game room like that has kid’s corner, adult’s corner, video game corner and even game table corner. Since the room is filled with different themes it is essential to properly light up the room because the light fixtures you use in the game table corner aren’t good for the video game corner. It would be a shame to see entire efforts go to waste because the lighting in the room isn’t good. So to avoid any problems with the game room lighting I am offering you few tips on what you can improve your relaxation oasis.

Game Corner

Lighting for the game table corner

Game table corner in your game room should be the brightest and the lights should be placed properly. If you don’t place them right you can have thousands of light bulbs and the light still won’t be good. The best way to place the light in the game table corner is above the table. No matter if you have foosball table, pool table or even air hockey table, use the brightest light in the corner above the table. That way you will have clear view on the entire surface and you can forget about the shadows on one side of the table. Another reason why it is necessary to have a good light with the game table is because the game is often very fast. If you score, no one can say that they didn’t see it.

Lighting for the video game corner

A video game corner is a completely opposite story. Most gamers love to play in the dark and the reason for that is the fact that they can focus on the screen. If you have mounted the TV on the wall you have to keep in mind that the light from the ceiling might reflect on the TV and that is not good. That is why it is a good idea to have lights below the TV and for that you can put them on the nightstand or tables you have in the room. The video game corner is great because you can turn it in your own home cinema easily which means that you will turn off the lights. Even better solution is to dim the lights down so you can see, but it is dark enough to make a cosy atmosphere.

Game Corner for kid

Lighting for the kid’s corner

By kid’s corner, I am talking about playroom. The light here isn’t that important as long as it is bright. You don’t have to worry about the shadows or reflection but I would definitely recommend a wall lamp or ceiling lamp which don’t hang. Kids love to toss their toys which mean that they can easily break hanging lamps. Also, avoid glass lamps, use plastic ones and light ones after all, safety should come first.

Lighting for the adult’s corner

Adult’s corner is a place when your creativity can work wonders. By adult’s corner I mean your corner and that means you can use whatever you want. You can use table lamps, wall lamps, glass lamps and plastic lamps, whatever you want. If you have a bar in your corner I would recommend to put the light right above it because it will drive the focus on the bar and having a bar is cool. Everything else is entirely up to you and your style.

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